Central Heaters

Sources Of Modern Systems is always keen to offer the best products with all options to its clients, where every client can choose the product that is needed appropriately. Thus, domestic hot water tanks were brought into the market. Its operating system may work in accordance with three sources, which are ( diesel or gas), (Solar power), (electricity). As the rate tariff of power is currently increased, Domestic Hot Water Tanks are considered the best choice for clients to save power in this domain specially for housing complexes , hotels, hospitals, schools and …etc. Domestic Hot Water Tanks are available with multi sizes (150 liter to 2000 liter) , bearing in mind that larger sizes may be manufactured according to the demands of the clients. All installation costs will be soon recovered by clients through saving electricity bills.

Function of Domestic Hot Water Tanks

  • Domestic Hot Water Tanks can be operated in accordance to three systems, where clients can ultimately benefit of them. These systems are as follows:
  • Boilers.
  • Solar Power cells.
  • Electricity.

Function of Domestic Hot Water Tanks by Solar System and Boilers

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