• Safe and healthy : The whole place keeps its current status as the heating comes up from the ground, where there is no flames or even hot streaming air that may dry it.
  • Economic : Ground heating is considered one of the most efficient and low power consumption systems if it is compared with another heating system.
  • Easy maintenance and low failure : Ground heating System is easy maintained and has low failure. Indeed, it is important to mention that heating by thermo-systems never needs maintenance.
  • Guarantees : High guarantee covers all individual devices of heating systems.
  • Getting the required heat during a short time : The engineers examine accurately the whole needs of each house before starting the heating systems. Thus, the required heat reaches all parts of the house during a short time.
  • Once the system is installed, it lasts for the lifespan.

Healthy Features

  • No burning wastes that may cause allergy or asphyxia.
  • No random heating changes in the room that may cause diseases as: Flue, Rheumatism, … and etc.
  • No dry air exists.
  • Heat Exhalation from bottom to top makes you feel the warmth because looks like a perfect heat distribution to the whole body.
  • It keeps the air moisture level, in which no allergy or even asthma may affect the respiratory system.
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