Hot-Water Heating System Parts

  • Boiler ( designed to heat water and different models are available ).
  • Hot-water Circulation Pump.
  • Heating Distribution Boards ( RESPONSIBLE FOR distributing heating pipe lines under floors.
  • Pipes ( Hold hot water, and the best types are used )World- wide Pipes that need no connections under floors.
  • External Radiators.

Types of hot-water heating systems

Floor Heating

  • Installed and fixed under Ceramics and Marble.
  • It heats the floor as well as the room.

External Radiators Heating

  • Installed and fixed externally on the walls.
  • It heats the room.

Euro Boilers

Euro- Heating Boilers were designed and produced according to advanced Euro features after a comprehensive examination and a wide-experience in Boilers Manufacturing. Many features were taken into consideration when the boilers were designed such as: high efficiency, strong function, a life-time longer , keeping quality and moderate prices in mechanic and thermal calculations, safety and integrity requirements, and the manufacturing codes applied by BS 855 of Britain and DIN 4702 of Germany. In order to take the advantage of thermal power completely and keep it for more possible time, a reliable examination was carried out for the general design, consumption chamber dimensions, size and number of flame ports, deformed smoke speed reducers and the heat insulation materials. To avoid density inside the boiler, and protect the shell from Corrosion, water amount inside the boiler was calculated accurately. Besides, cold return water baffles were installed in order to avoid cold water streaming directly into the consumption chamber. For easy cleaning and maintenance of the consumption chamber as well as the flame ports, the door and the boiler flue are easy to be removed and installed through screws. Indeed, such screws are easy to unfasten and are not exposed to the high heating degree. Regarding the control and power panel , it is installed on the external shell of the boiler in order to keep its ingredients safe from the high heating degree inside the boiler shell. Indeed, the panel includes burner-function thermostat and an operating thermostat for the main pump. A safety thermostat, a thermal thermometer, OFF/ON switch, a dash light and time clock ( OPTIONAL) can be connected with the control panel inside the house. All raw materials used in manufacturing Euro Boilers come from well know Euro companies and from special materials to manufacture boilers with high quality standards. All Euro Boilers undergo Quality Control and Inspection through manufacturing levels in accordance with a carefully examined system to obtain the highest level of accurate production and avoid manufacturing malfunction. The operating System of Euro Boiler counts on the pressure that comes from the returned flames inside the consumption chamber where the heat is passed due to the radiation, particularly when the flame gases resulted from burning process return to the front side of the boiler. Herein, the heat temperature of thermal cement insulation is high, and all fuel molecules -that are not burned previously- will be burned, bearing in mind that these gases surround the flame and make a barrier with the wall of the consumption chamber. Then, gases go ahead toward the boiler flue through the flames tubes that include

Gas Boiler

  • Operating by gas.
  • Suitable for small spaces.
  • Available with different sizes.
  • Eco Gas Boilers.
  • A remote-control based system.
  • Economic consumption.
  • 3 years warranty

Diesel Boiler

  • Euro- Heating Boilers- Jordan were designed and produced according to advanced Euro features after a comprehensive study and a wide-experience of more than 40 years in Boilers Industry.
  • Suitable for large spaces.
  • Available with different sizes.
  • Operating by either Diesel or Gas.
  • Economic consumption.
  • A Ten-year warranty.
  • Made of mechanic shock resistance metals

Boilers Function to heat house water as well as make heating process

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